Yorkshire Garland

Cattle Sale Song

Performed by:
John Greaves
Recorded in:
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Recorded by:
Ray Padgett
Domestic Strife,
Farm animals,

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Cattle Sale (Ruswarp)
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On the sixteenth of October ti market Ah did go,
With fifteen ’Ereford beasts, they made a splendid show.
I ’ad ’em penned up early sae the buyers all could see,
Ah ’oped that for the follerin’ year we’d ’ev sugar in oor tea---,
Sugar in oor tea.
With a, “Twenny, twenny-one, twenny-two, twenny-three.”
These is not sae dear.
“Twenny-four, twenny five, twenny-six, twenny seven.
Selled ti you, sir, over there.”

T(h)rade started rather sluggish with some beasts from right up dale,
An Ah got a trifle worried it wadn’t be the best o’ sales;
But when the second batch come in the buyers got their wind,
And Charlie’d sike a flyin’ t(h)rade he varry nearly grinned---,
He varry nearly grinned.
With a, “Twenny-eight, twenny-nine, thotty, thotty-one.”
These is not sae dear.
“Thotty-two, thotty-three, thotty-four, thotty-five.
Selled ti you, sir, over there.”

Then come a great hairy bullock as wild as a March hare;
Rough lads they all left the ring, face him they wad not dare.
Butcher Norman bowt ’im, for a good price on the day;
There’ll be teeaf beef in ’is shop next week, Ah think we’ll keep away---,
Ah think we’ll keep away.
With a, “Thotty-six, thotty-seven, thotty-eight, thotty-nine.”
These is not sae dear.
“Fotty, fotty-one, fotty-two, fotty-three.
Selled ti you, sir, over there.”

Mine seeun cummed inti t’ ring; six went out Malton way,
And t’ awd chap ’at bowt ’em ’ad a fancy price ti pay.
Auctioneer knocked three down too fast, the’ should ’a med some more.
Next two med about their price an’ Fred got t’ other four---,
Fred got t’ other four.
With a, “Fotty-four, fotty-five, fotty-six, fotty-seven.”
These is not sae dear.
“Fotty-eight, fotty-nine, fifty, fifty-one.
Selled ti you, sir, over there.”

Sae when Ah’d getten ’em selled an’ off Ah quickly shot away,
For a great amoont of luck money Ah was not inclined ti pay!
Ah went across ti t’ awd Bridge Inn ti ’ev a glass or two,
As Ah went in the lads all said, “We’ll ’ev a d(h)rink on you---,
We’ll ’ev a d(h)rink on you.”
With, “A gin, a Guinness, an’ a light ale, an’ three pints o’ beer,
Two ’awves, a whiskey, an a rum an’ black.” Roonds was varry dear!

Sae I gat ’ome quite merry; wife met me at the door.
She brayed me ’ard wid frying pan; by shots, me ’eead was sore!
She says, “You’ve spent ’awf o’ t’ money an’ the bairns all need new gear;
If this is t’ way that you go on Ah’m sellin’ ’em next year---,
Ah’m sellin ’em next year.”
With a, “Fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five.”
These is not so dear.
“Fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine.
Selled ti you, sir, over there.”